For 50 years, the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation has been committed to our Founders' mission of perpetuating the
advancement of womanhood and supporting our twin ideals "the brotherhood of man and alleviation of the
world's pain." Through the support of our generous donors, the Foundation continues to foster the next
generation of leadership by supporting the cause of "school and college readiness" in our local communities and
supporting our members through leadership programming, scholarships and need-based grant.

As we celebrate the Foundation's past 50 years of philanthropic efforts, we also look forward to the promising
future of the next 50 and beyond. Help us celebrate this significant milestone and ensure the Foundation's
perpetuity by contributing to this year's Founders' Day campaign.

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The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation supports the academic pursuits of collegiate and alumnae sisters through its scholarship and grant program.

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