Welcome to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation - we are so happy you stopped by!

Thank you for your interest in and support of our philanthropic activities. Since 1969, the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation has proudly supported learning and leading for our sisterhood as well as a number of philanthropic causes locally, nationally, and internationally. Today we are focusing our philanthropic attention on school and college readiness and found a wonderful partner in Kids in Need Foundation.

Why have I stayed involved in Phi Sigma Sigma for so many years? My collegiate experience was transformative in so many ways. Phi Sigma Sigma opened up a whole new world for me--friendships, sisterhood, interfraternal awareness, leadership, and so much more. Perhaps most importantly, with a Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation scholarship and educational grant, I was able to fund part of my college tuition and not take on so much student debt. Phi Sigma Sigma supported me when I really needed them, and from then on, I vowed to return the favor to other sisters who needed the support of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation to achieve their academic goals and career aspirations. I would not be where I am today without the support of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation and neither would countless other sisters who have financial aid needs greater than our capacity to give.

We need your help to ensure the perpetuity of the Foundation. Please join me in providing the resources for our sisters to finance their dreams for higher education, for our alumnae sisters to advance their careers through professional development opportunities, and for the underserved children locally, nationally and internationally to have access to a better life through our philanthropic cause - school and college readiness.

Aim High Sisters!

Dr. Aggie Malter

Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation President